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Praise the LORD for His Lovingkindness toward South Sudan!

Friends, The Cush4Christ team worships together every Sunday afternoon. Part of our worship consists of singing Psalms of praise to the Lord. In my first few months on the team, I noticed that one Psalm was chosen far more frequently … Continue reading

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Cush4Christ Blogs

One of my Cush4Christ teammates writes a blog. Jan shares jots of everyday life among the Dinka people, usually accompanied by pictures.

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The LORD is Sovereign Builder and Guard

Friends, While I am working on the construction of the training center, mostly laying bricks for the past two months, I have a lot of time to think. And there are plenty of questions to ponder. How do we help … Continue reading

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School Construction Site

The school construction site is right next to Weer Bei FM and my home.  This is the site on March 1st: Another view of the construction site from the top of the wall: Zach sifting mortar: The construction site with … Continue reading

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Sojourning in South Sudan

Friends, After three weeks in South Sudan, it remains apparent that I am a stranger in a foreign land. I quickly became accustomed to the children shouting, “Kawaja! Kawaja! Kawaja!” as they come running to shake my hand (and ask … Continue reading

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Watch Your Step

Friends, “The moving walkway is coming to an end. Please watch your step!” As I sit at the Indianapolis airport, I hear this recorded message over and over. This message could be an accurate warning for my life. “Watch your … Continue reading

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To South Sudan

After much consideration, prayer, and exhortation from friends, I have decided to serve the Lord in South Sudan for several months next year. Please read more about this mission, pray for me, and consider supporting me.

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The Expression of Ideas

I could wax eloquent about how the creativity of the human mind and the propagation prowess of the internet have combined forces to empower bold ideas with lucid and engrossing exposition. But my words would distract the reader. Observe two … Continue reading

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Aaron’s Manifesto

The first draft of Aaron’s manifesto has been published: Synopsis Who am I? This blog is not meant to be a blog. Author’s Guidelines

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