Destination: Wanyjok, South Sudan

“… Cush shall hasten to stretch out her hands to God.” – Psalm 68:31

In 2004, I signed up to receive the prayer newsletter of the Cush4Christ mission team in Sudan. Since then, my inbox has seen a steady stream of news from Sudan, reporting God’s work to bring the gospel to this nation ravaged by war. After two decades of civil war, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 began a peaceful transition for South Sudan, which finally became an independent nation in July of 2011. During these years of political transition, many of the Dinka people in the communities of Aweil in South Sudan have also turned from worshiping idols and spirits to worshiping the God who governs the world in righteousness and shows mercy to sinners. These people heard the word of God preached and taught by indigenous church planters, who were trained by Canadian ministers living among them. Picture of Church Planters

Three First Church Planters: Karlo, Thomas, Keribino

The first three church planters, Karlo, Thomas, and Keribino, are pictured to the right. The Dinka have shown a great eagerness to hear the gospel, often coming from unreached villages and begging for someone to come plant a church in their own village. In order to fill this great need for biblical teaching, a number of churches have been planted, a radio station was built, Weer Bei (Redemption) 99.9 FM, and a training center was established, where men are instructed in pastoral ministry.

A friend of mine, Daniel Faris, is working among the Dinka in a deaconal role. He oversees the construction needs of the Cush4Christ team and helps develop the mercy ministry of the Dinka church. Daniel has asked my friend Zach Smith and myself to help construct a building for the training center and renovate the radio studio. Currently, the training center shares a building with the radio studio, but it has outgrown this facility. Zach just arrived in South Sudan, and Lord willing, I will be in South Sudan for five months, leaving the US on February 17th.

Will you please pray for the young church in South Sudan? Pray that the men who are training to be pastors would pour their lives into learning God’s word and preaching it to the Dinka people. Pray that our unbelief in the power of God to convert sinners would be transformed into faith that he does turn idolaters into believing saints, because he has done precisely that for many Dinka. Pray that God would provide the funds necessary (~$5000) for this endeavor. If you are willing to contribute towards this need, I thank you for your generosity. Thank you all for you prayers and for encouraging me to go and serve the Lord willingly and cheerfully!

In Christ,

Aaron Dinkledine

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